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Licensed Alarm Company

KOA Technologies, Inc. is providing

  • Fire Alarm & Burglar Alarm
  • CCTV, DVR, NVR & Camera
  • Access Control & Intercom System
  • Business Telephone system & Voice Mail System
  • Structural Data & Voice Cabling
KOA Tech is One Stop Integrator for your business.
Opening up new business! Moving your office!

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Protect your business & your home.
KOA Tech is your reliable fire& burglar alarm installation company.
Licensed & qualified technician design your security & fire alarm and UL certified monitoring station monitors your business.
Fire alarm installation
Fire alarm annual inspection and testing report.

Access Control/Intercom

Access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorized entry, control internal access, and monitor visitor traffic. A single room or many entrances in an entire building can be control by access control.
You can see who has been where and when, through the web-based software any time.
KOA Tech user-friendly design makes it simple to operate and maintain. KOA Tech helps you secure your doors, manage employee aceess and manage site remotely.


KOA Tech CCTV specialist helps you design and installation of reliable, cost affordable and easy to use CCTV(DVR, NVR, IP CAMERA).
KOA Tech always follows up the newest technologies to reach your expectations and your budget. You can rely on KOA experiance technician.
KOA Tech product line is most updated in the market. You can even watch your business from iPhone and Android phone.

Business Telephone System(IP Enabled-SIP Trunking)

KOA Tech provides extended warranty protection. The service contracts give you to protect unexpected costs, discount on-site service. Subscribed customers receive priority service over regular "non-contract" customers.

KOA Technician maintains your existing system
  • NEC

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